Connecting to the Cluster

Prior to Connecting:

The Halcyon Cluster is only accessible from a University-owned computer that has been approved by Bioinformatics Services. Additionally, Trend Antivirus and Tivoli Endpoint Manager must be installed to safeguard against security threats. 

Once access is granted, you will be assigned a username and password. Your username will most likely match your NinerNet username; however, your password will be unique to the cluster. Please copy and save your login credentials for safekeeping, and do not share them with others. 


To connect to the cluster, follow these steps:

1.  Open a Terminal Window:

Note: If using Windows, you must have a Terminal emulator on your computer, such as puTTY. You should first check your University computer's software to see if one is installed. If not, you must install it:

2.  Enter the secure shell command (ssh) followed by the IP address:

$ ssh  # this is not the actual ip_address

3.  Enter your password:

username@'s password:

Note: Your password will not display on the command line as you type it. 

Once you are logged into the secure shell, your username and cluster hostname (login00) will display:


Note: Per the BiSD firewall default, users are automatically logged out of the secure shell after 10 minutes of inactivity.