Data Integration and Database Development

Data is at the heart of every bioinformatics project. We provide database design services to efficiently and effectively store your data for analysis, in addition to expertise in data integration so that you can combine multiple data sources together for more informative reporting. Combined with a custom analysis pipeline tailored to your project, these provide the backbone of both your ongoing research and published results dissemination in a convenient package.

Data integration uses both technical and scientific methods to combine disparate data sources into actionable knowledge for your research. For example if you wanted to build a disease risk assessment pipeline, you might want to combine sample-based sequence analysis results with previously published disease risk factors and relevant therapeutic interventions. Although you could do this manually, a data integration pipeline will discover more useful data in much less time with fewer data entry errors.

Database Development encompasses the design, construction, and loading of your data into a queryable resource to allow for efficient analysis. This allows you to ask and answer questions about your data that are not possible using plain old spreadsheets.


Additional Services available include:

Custom text mining query development - We will construct and run highly tailored text mining queries to support ontology development and knowledgebase construction. Our pipeline includes named entity extraction for many existing ontologies, and can be applied across all of the MEDLINE (biomedical literature) and AGRICOLA (agricultural literature), FDA Drug labels, Clinical Trials databases, in addition to your own custom document collection such as electronic health records or in-house curated publications.