Biostatistics Services

We offer statistical consulting and statistical analysis services to researchers within and outside of the NC research campus. We are experienced in analyzing SNP, microarray, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics and clinical trial data. For sample publications, please click the link of each data type. For a complete list of publications involving these data types, please go to our publications section.

We routinely use SAS, R, PASS, SIMCA-P, Partek, IPA, Metacore, among others. Besides workstations, we have access to several computing clusters for high-demand computing.

Our typical tasks for biostatistics service include:

  1. Providing experimental design
  2. Performing power and sample size estimation
  3. Developing data analysis strategies and writing statistics sections for research proposals
  4. Conducting quality control
  5. Performing statistical analysis using methods such as parametric and nonparametric tests, mixed linear model, logistic regression, generalized estimating equation, Cox regression, correlation analysis, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, etc.
  6. Performing pathway analysis for omics data
  7. Writing statistical analysis section for manuscript, and providing tables and figures in publication quality
  8. Revising publications and responding to referees

We may get involved in all of these tasks or part of them depends on your needs. Please let us know what is needed for your specific project by using our service request form.